Welcome to HarpsCool

Welcome to HarpsCool, where children have fun learning music!

NHL Festival

Once again thanks so much for all your hard work with getting children to the festival. Here are some lovely photos you can view and share.


It would be nice if viewers would thank the photographer. He might even be able to supply hi-res pics if anyone wanted to frame them.

His name is Mr Balwant Thanki and his email is balwant.thanki@gmail.com

The HarpsCool mission is:

  • to introduce children to the wonderful world of music
  • to provide a thoroughly excellent and fun experience for everyone involved – children, schools, parents, teachers and the community
  • to provide excellent grounding in music through tunes, improvisation, performance, research, reading music, and composition
  • to make a positive difference to each child’s life by boosting their self esteem and confidence through music
  • to make a positive difference to schools, parents, our teachers and the greater community through the power of music
  • to grow HarpsCool slowly and strongly with integrity
  • to exceed expectations

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  • Under the ‘Music/Videos/Books’ tab are the Music Books, where you can download entire CD/books for your children to play along with. See FAQs if you would like help with downloading.
  • Under the same tab is the Tunes page, where you will see a growing bank of music for the children to play.

‘A musical childhood boosts the brain’


Playing music makes you smarter? The ‘Mozart effect’?

Learning to play music at a young age is ‘proven’ to make you smarter, more focused, more aware, more aware of others (having better friendships), more succesful, less stressed, more attractive, more able to cope with problems, more popular and have a better life. Read the research and see what you think. Must be true if it’s in the Financial Times!

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