The Team

We have a dedicated team of teachers, administrators and management. Below is some information about each of them.

Adele Hooper

Area: Instruments Played: Harmonica, flute, voice, piano

Adele loves music!  She has a BA honours degree in Music and plays the harmonica, piano and flute. She has taught privately for many years and joined the HarpsCool team at the end of 2011. Adele loves how the harmonica … Continue reading

Ben Hewlett, founder of HarpsCool

Areas: , , , Instruments Played: All types of harmonicas, jaws harps, trumpet, bodhran, didjeridoo...

Ben Hewlett became a musician at the age of ten in 1969 learning the trumpet. He went through the school system of exams and performances, finally escaping the mandatory classical repertoire with the discovery of Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. He was a minor third addict at fourteen and still has a passion for jazz and blues. He received a harmonica at the age of 7 and started playing it at the age of 27 having seen the Blues Brothers film a number of times.. Continue reading Continue reading

George Liddell


George has been involved in a variety of musical activities throughout his life. Four years ago, he packed in his career as an engineer and became a full-time musician/instructor/singer/songwriter/poet and storyteller. Continue reading Continue reading

Marcia Taylor (Accounts)


This profile is being updated.

Moses T Jones

Area: Instruments Played: Various types of harmonica, voice, guitar, shakuhachi flute...

Moses began playing the diatonic harmonica at age 7, after receiving one as a gift. He began playing folk melodies, and gospel music in a local chapel. At age 12 he was given a chromatic harmonica, the other sort of … Continue reading

Pete Smith (Shop)

Areas: , , , Instruments Played: Harmonica, Voice, Guitar

The HarpsCool shop is run for us by Pete from SonnyBoy’sMusicStore which imports and ships musical instruments all over the world and has a presence on Amazon and Ebay. Please don’t pay Pete for lessons, just harmonicas! Pete is a … Continue reading

Sean McBride

Area: Instruments Played: Sax and harmonica

Started listening to blues at an early age,  and between playing other instruments, tried the blues harp – God Bless Hohner Marine Band harps!  Saved up and bought my first one from a shop on Mission Street in San Francisco. … Continue reading