Why call it ‘HarpsCool’?

‘Harp’ is the short name for harmonica; other names include the Tin Sandwich, the Moothie, the Mouth Organ, the Mississippi Saxaphone, the Gob Iron, the French Harp, the Blues Harp, the Pocket Piano – and that’s just some of the British names – how about the Finnish ‘Huuliharpo’?

or… sinfonia di boka, ruines babines, (my two favourites!) mundorgel, orgue à bouche, fidil fhrancach, harpoon, mundharpe, fotzhobel, munnharpa, gaita,  organillo de boca, harmonijka, muzicuta, szájharmonika, armonikele, suupill, harmoniko, mundharmonika, mondfluitjie, armonika, harmonikë, orglice, mondharmonika, armonica, organ geg, kèn acmônica, harmônica,  munnspill, armónica, munspel.

And ‘Cool’ because it’s cool like Fonzie.

And we are a school and we teach mostly in schools.

So now you know.

I think it was a conversation with one of our lovely teachers, Aidan Sheehan, where we came up with the name.