Search for the Single Note (Volume 2)

The great thing about this book is that we teach you in simple stages. You will easily be able to cope with the progression. It starts very simply with a couple of excellent blues pieces using only one hole and … Continue reading

Nasty Chugs (Volume 10)

Nasty Chugs (Volume 10) This volume is another Chugging CD/Book set specifically designed for younger players. Each rhythmic chug uses revolting rhymes in a Roald Dahl style and also contains original tunes, duets and canons. The emphasis is on fun … Continue reading

Mastermix (Volume 4)

Mastermix is a mixture of train style chugs, blues/rock and an original piece to use them with, some original simple tunes, four classic tunes and guest artists tracks kindly donated by Brendan Power and Aidan Sheehan. Nothing here appears on … Continue reading

Get Chugging (Volume 1)

Get Chugging (Volume 1) ‘Chugging’ is our entry level playalong set. It gets you started. It teaches you how to play in rhythm and how to breathe – the very foundations of music and harmonica playing respectively. It uses articulation … Continue reading

Funky Nursery (volume 8)

Funky Nursery (Volume 8) Here you will find ten easy tunes that I remember from MY childhood. Some of these tunes would have been sung by children 500 years ago but NEVER with a funky backing band like the one … Continue reading

Funky Christmas (Volume 9)

Funky Christmas (Volume 9) This set consists of familiar and not so familiar Christmas songs with a funky backing track for you to play along with on your key of C diatonic harmonica. Each track comes in four versions – … Continue reading

Bones of the Blues (Volume 5)

Learn to play the blues and improvise in FIVE different keys and positions, all on the ‘C’ harp, and all without bending a note! The keys/positions are Dm/3rd, Em/5th, G/2nd, Am/4th, and Bm/6th. Amazing but true!This cd/book set starts out … Continue reading

Blues Jam Factory (Volume 3)

Blues Jam Factory is our entry level Blues package; we teach you the basic easy blues shuffle rhythm with several chugging tracks – they are the backbone to playing blues with rhythm, and rhythm is what music is all about. … Continue reading