Bones of the Blues (Volume 5)

Learn to play the blues and improvise in FIVE different keys and positions, all on the ‘C’ harp, and all without bending a note! The keys/positions are Dm/3rd, Em/5th, G/2nd, Am/4th, and Bm/6th. Amazing but true!This cd/book set starts out by revisiting chugging but this time in a three chord, 12 bar, 2nd position blues. Next you are taught a pentatonic scale to improvise with, then a tune in the same scale/key, and finally the full play-along backing track.

The same happens for eight specially composed blues pieces in different styles from jazz swing, Santana latin style,blues/funk, New Orleans, shuffle, blues swing, and more.’Learn with Ben Hewlett’ Paul Jones, President of the National Harmonica League UK

The downloadable pack includes full MP3′s of all the tracks and PDF’s of the sheet music. File size 73MB