Search for the Single Note (Volume 2)

The great thing about this book is that we teach you in simple stages. You will easily be able to cope with the progression. It starts very simply with a couple of excellent blues pieces using only one hole and moves on to more complex tunes.

Each piece is somewhere between an exercise, a musical pattern, and a simple tune. This is a very good way to learn because the simple tracks give you the confidence to tackle the later parts.

The whole cd/book uses only the notes of the scale of C so no note bending is needed – although later you can revisit the music and play it an octave lower to practise your notebending.

Another benefit is that the patterns are all repeated continually so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of a tune that meanders all over the place!

It’s all ‘do-able’ with a bit of effort and Paul has once again written some beautiful music in a variety of styles as your backing track – take a listen to the sample.