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Arts week, one day workshops, in service days, Black History Month, staff team-building sessions, Summer Specials – we can deliver your statuary Music Curriculum for you!

“With this instrument children actually play tunes in their very first session!  I’m not sure if I can think of another instrument where this is possible.”

A typical schedule looks like this:

Each class let’s say 30 children

 09-0945 class 1

10-1045 class 2

11-1145 class 3


1-145 class 4

2-245 class 5

3-315 ish performance for parents

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Black History Month – Blowing the Blues – Fun, challenging, exciting, motivating, teamworking, energetic, and children get to shine! Children get the chance to move, dance, solo, improvise and join the chorus, and they thoroughly enjoy the challenge. The grand finale is best performed to parents who will be knocked out by what they see! This workshop explores the blues. The art form comes from African slaves sent to America. The music they brought with them turned into field hollers, and work songs and this became the blues. The blues became the framework for nearly all western popular music (folk, blues, jazz, skiffle, rock’n'roll, rock etc). From Ragtime to Dixieland jazz, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Billie Holliday, The Rolling Stones, Cream, The Who, Status Quo – they all owe a great debt to the legacy of the blues it’s that significant. 

From Africa to Pop. Children attending this workshop explore how the music of Africa was brought to America through work-songs, and field hollers. Children will sing, dance, move, act and learn to play harmonica. African music became THE BLUES – and the blues became our pop music. It was the basis of western pop music from the late 1800s up to the present. We find out how and why people sang the blues and told their stories – and we’ll do it too! We will learn a specific tune sung by Leadbelly in and track it from the early 1900s to the present day and see Tom Jones covering it. 

From Asia to USA. Children attending this workshop explore the archaic South East Asian origins of the Harmonica from a blade of grass to bamboo instruments through to German factories and finally to America and the world. They explore it’s sound ride north on the US steam trains where the harmonica mimics that old train boogie woogie sound; they learn some hillbilly music and reach the Blues with a rousing adrenaline filled performance for your audience!

Pirate/sailor songs on the harmonica. These workshops are all about playing tunes. Tunes are fun! We start by singing the tunes from memory and trying to get them into our heads by adding movements. Then we get the harmonicas out and learn how they work. The method of learning and teaching on these 4hole harmonicas couldn’t be simpler. Our teacher indicates which of the 4 holes to play by holding up one, two, three, or four fingers for all to see! No paper is needed but can be supplied if children are keeping their harmonicas. See what type of tunes you would like your children to learn or we can mix and match to put the program together for you.

Tailor-made workshops are also available so if you have a specific project talk to us about it and we’ll se what we can do.

HarpsCool Harmonica workshops are fun for children – and us. They explore learning music in groups and are new, different, interactive, challenging, unforgettable and unusual. But mostly FUN. They also make it really simple for schools to deliver the required music curriculum provision.

Ben has been doing workshops for 20 years in schools, company team-building sessions, universities, social groups and on cruise ships so rest assured you are in safe experienced hands.

HarpsCool offers workshops to schools all over the UK so please get in touch if we can do one for you. 

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“The children talked about the performances a lot afterwards. Staff were able to see how to link and use what was taught through harmonicas in line with the new curriculum. There have been a number of children interested in continuing with the harmonics or buying their own.” Paula T, Netherbridge Primary, Nottingham.

“Ben’s harmonica day was a great success, not only with the children but also with the staff. At the end of the day everyone had learned a terrific life skill and the beauty of the harmonica of course is that it is the ultimate portable instrument!” Suzanne Kelly, Head, The Priory Primary School, Tadley, Hants

“Please pass on my thanks to Ben for organising a fantastic performance at Art Week – I am so thrilled that my son is discovering the joy of performing, and learning some musical skills as well.” Best regards, GR, Begbrook Primary, Bristol

Alex Wilkinson, Head Teacher at Christchurch Primary School in Downend says… “The Blues Brothers event was one of my educational highlights of the past few years – I can’t recommend it enough!”

 Price £360 per day – a lot of schools are telling us parents stump up a couple of pounds each to cover it.

Half day £200 (depending on location)

Travel and accommodation costs included unless your school is far from Bristol.

Harmonica cost:

Hire for the day – £3.00 each

Purchase – £6.00 each. Please offer this to parents as a lot will want to take one home.

We will also give you a free harmonica course so your children can continue to study with Ben on-line at home.

Contact Ben Hewlett 07973 284 366 or email or 

Out of the mouths of babes...(please click to see childrens' feedback)

Dear Ben thank you for the Harmonica Lessons I really ingoid it Best wishes Bo Y2

‘I like going into the circle, and the sound of the wooden Harmonica. It was very fun and I’m glad I came. I also like trying a Harmonica for the first time thank you for coming Izzi Y4

Dear Ben thank you for teaching us Harmonica. I really really liked it I wish I could do it again and thank you for the Harmonica I really really love each best wishes Hope Y2

I like the song that we played along to and I like seeing the other Harmonica is. I really think I have found a new hobby Guy year 4

Thank U Ben you’re the best teacher ever best wishes from Cameron Y2

I loved it, it was so much fun Charlotte Y4

Like Ben as a teacher and think that a Harmonica is a good instrument for everyone Aidan Y4

I liked all of the different sounds the Harmonica produces, the songs we played along to and all of us playing together as a group when we played in a circle. Ben Y4

I liked everything and enjoyed it very much. The best thing was the circle. Oliver Y4

I loved playing the songs and I like the funny harmonikers Giles Y4

I liked moving and playing together. A Harmonica is a good instrument for everyone. Maggie Y4

Dear Ben thank you for letting us play the harmonica it was wonderful Olivia Y2

Thank you for helping us to lurn I really enjoyed I liked the songs can you please come back again Dulce Y2

Thank you for leting us play the harmonica I enjoyed it so much Thomas Y2

Dear Ben I thought that the Harmonica was silly but it really was fun love from Jess from Y2

Thank you for teaching us how to play the harmonica. I liked playing the Beatles best wishes Zac from Y2

I liked it and I liked you teaching. Matthew Y2

Dear Ben I liked playing the Hoochie Coochie Man. I cannot wait until we perform it. Thank you we had fun from Lucy Y2

Dear Ben thank you for teaching us how to play the harmonica. My favourite thing was the banana music and play what we wanted to. Sam Y2

I like it when you showed us all the Harmonicas also moving and playing together and that everyone joined in Phoebe Y4

I liked that we played as a team and the circle and saying the different silly names and food. Amy Y4

I really liked playing the harmonica it is a fun instrument to play. I really enjoyed the circle when we all had to say our names. Trying a Harmonica for the first time was brilliant!! Ben is a great teacher to be around. Playing the songs is really fun. Ava Y4

I liked everything. Thank you so much for coming a long way to teach us. Sorry for being a bit loud and not stop making noise when we weren’t supposed to. Tom year 4

I like Ben as a teacher he was fun. I liked it when we heard the other harmonicas. I loved the songs and the rhythm. Daniel Y4

To Ben I enjoyed everything so much that I did not have a favourite thing thank you for the Harmonica lesson thank you from Maya Y2

Dear Ben thank you for teaching us the Harmonica. My best bit was asked doing the Betuls. Best wishes Logan Y2

Dear Ben thank you for teaching us the Harmonica today. I loved the Bettles. It was amazing Best wishes Elizabeth Y2

(I’m very happy Bo ingoid it!)

Contact Ben Hewlett 07973 284 366 or email