After school clubs

HarpsCool also offers after school clubs at many schools.

The advantage of after school clubs is that they are outside school hours so your child doesn’t miss any school – and they are also cheaper than our small group teaching!

Parents also get to meet our teachers and can sometimes hear or see the lesson in progress. An extra half an hour of child care and missing the ‘pick up’ traffic might also be considered an advantage.

The disadvantage is that you may get a larger group and it may contain children from a variety of year groups. The result is more of a ‘family group learning experience’, whereas lessons during the school day are more focused, in smaller groups, and usually with similar age (or ability) children.

Educational results indicate that, whilst both systems work well, the small group learning is more effective than the after school groups.

We prefer to teach small groups, but schools sometimes don’t want the interuption and request an after school club instead. However, the music that the children learn in the after school clubs is exactly the same as in the smaller group lessons, and many parents have commented that it is a really fun, inclusive and exciting experience for the children.