HarpsCool Shop

Call Peter Smith on 01594 562 545 or email shop@harpscool.co.uk if you would like help with ordering or delivery or Ben Hewlett on 07973 284 366 in Peter’s absence.

Please note – if you see the message ‘Sorry, we do not ship to this location’ it is most likely because you haven’t chosen a county, eg Bristol or South Gloucestershire, from the ‘State/Province’ field. Strangely, items delivered by car are called shipments and items delivered by ship are called cargo…

We would like to give you a little free course to get you playing right away. It will help with your lessons in school but you should always follow what your teacher says as a priority and only use this course for a bit of fun practise at home. Parents we recommend you get a cheap harmonica for yourself and join in as well – you know it makes sense!