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Terms and conditions

  • We require one month’s notice to stop. Please cancel your standing order at that time.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your child has their harmonica. No refunds are given if your child doesn’t have their harmonica – replacements are in the shop on the site.
  • We require you to register on the website using the secret word which is in your child's Mission Book this gives you free access to all our teaching material – this is essential for their progress.
  • Exact dates of our lessons are on the site; lessons are most weeks, but not every week.
  • Payments for ongoing lessons can NOT be taken to school – they often get lost. Payment is online, cash/cheque/postal order paid into a bank/post office, via Paypal, or by post.
  • Lessons must be paid for in advance. If no payment is received no lessons will be given.
  • It is your responsibility to encourage your child to play their harmonica for at least ten minutes every day at home if you would like them to progress.
  • Kindly note lesson fees go up by a small percentage once a year inline with general prices.

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