Moses T Jones

Area: Schools: , , , Private: Henleaze Infants / Juniors, , , , Instruments Played: Various types of harmonica, voice, guitar, shakuhachi flute...

Moses began playing the diatonic harmonica at age 7, after receiving one as a gift. He began playing folk melodies, and gospel music in a local chapel. At age 12 he was given a chromatic harmonica, the other sort of harmonica he plays and teaches.
Moses began playing in Blues and improvised music groups in his late teens, and continues to do so. At the present time he can be seen performing with Mestizo Blues Collective , Really the Blues, Dr Jazz Band, and the Cube Orchestra. He is also a co-leader of the Back door Man Blues jam , which takes place every Thurs eve at the Cornubia  in Bristol.

Moses has been teaching for HarpsCool Bristol for several years now and has a great following amongst the many children he teaches – they all look up to him. As he is 6 foot 4 they have to!