Sean McBride

Area: Schools: Ashley Down Brunel, , , Instruments Played: Sax and harmonica

Started listening to blues at an early age,  and between playing other instruments, tried the blues harp – God Bless Hohner Marine Band harps!  Saved up and bought my first one from a shop on Mission Street in San Francisco. Seemed clandestine at the time. Saw James Cotton and Paul Butterfield at the Filmore or Avalon ballrooms.  Hooked.  Also got a book by Tony “Little Sun” Glover and got 1/2 way through. 

That, and living in Buckingamshire coming from S.F., made me an expert. I’ve been living on that ever since.  I mainly play saxophones, but harp features too – in the last year I’ve recorded various harmonica things for David Houghton (, and Xavier Panades I Blas.  Who?  Well, their cds are released!

Sean has been teaching for HarpsCool Bristol for two years and is very popular with his children. He often uses his recording and composing skills to come up with brilliant performances which we will post on the Childrens’ Performance page.